You can help

You can help me with this crazy adventure.  If you know of anything or anyone that could help me with this challenge, please do get in touch.

I live in North East Fife, Scotland, so if you know of any local sources of wild food that I could forage, or gamekeepers or farmers that might be able to assist me in sourcing meat and vegetables in return for labour, please email me by clicking the link below.

As I do more research, I will write a list here of things that I need or skills that I need trained in.

I need help with…

Shooting – I’ve never held a gun before in my life.  My brother in law is going to help me with smaller animals, but a goose is much bigger than a bunny and I’ll need help with that.

Seaweed – If you live near St Andrews and know about the edible seaweeds on the shores of Scotland, please get in touch.

Nuts – Beech trees, Sweet Chestnut trees – if you know where there are trees with edible nuts on them that I can forage, please email me.

Sloes and Elderflowers – I desperately need to know where I can get sloes and elderflowers.

Mushrooms – I know that all foragers keep their mushroom spots secret, but I really could do with someone to come out with me and help me identify mushrooms

Drinks – I appreciate the irony of a person who sells booze for a living needing help in making it, but if you have any knowledge of ancient recipes, fruit wine and cordial making, I’d appreciate it if you could get in touch.